NOTY 2009 – Who’s in your Final Four?

I love NOTY. Every March, the guys over at the Name of the Year blog put together a ballot (à la March Madness brackets) featuring crazy-but-real names. After several rounds of voting, a Name of the Year is chosen.

Brilliant, really.

Past winners have included Nimrod Weiselfish, Princess Nocandy and Spaceman Africa.

Here’s a link to the official 2009 Name of the Year Ballot. I’ve picked out my final four, and I just got my husband to pick out his:

Region Her picks His picks
Crystal Metheny
Velvet Milkman
Nutritious Love
Telephone Mtoko
Chastity Clapp
Uranus Golden
Nutritious Love
Moonlit Wang

Ultimately, I think Nutritious Love will take the title. Husband seems to agree. (He’s too busy giggling at the names to give me a straight answer.)

What are your picks for the final four? Which name will win the entire competition?

3 thoughts on “NOTY 2009 – Who’s in your Final Four?

  1. Another Nutritious Love fan!

    I’m seriously thinking about putting some money down on that one. :)

    The polls are now open, so everyone head over to NOTY and cast your votes!

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