Name Sighting – Celerie Kemble, Named for Celery

Today’s Washington Post includes an interview with a New York interior designer by the name of Celerie Kemble (b. 1973).

How did she get that name? Here’s the story she gave the Post:

Her mother, while pregnant in Upstate New York, was chatting with some older women about baby names, and they discouraged her from choosing anything offbeat. After spying them drinking bloody marys with celery stalks, Kemble’s mother knew what she was going to name her baby.

I think I would have gone with Mary from Bloody Mary, not Celerie from celery stalk…but hey, that’s just me.

What do you think of the name Celerie?

Source: Designer Celerie Kemble Feels at Home Creating Rooms

4 thoughts on “Name Sighting – Celerie Kemble, Named for Celery

  1. It’s surprisingly appealing, isn’t it? I mean – it is kinda crazy to name your kiddo after any part of a cocktail. (Good thing they weren’t stirring martinis with swizzle sticks!) And yet, Celerie’s rhythm reminds me of Dorothy and Kimberly and plenty of other reasonable girls’ names.

    Good thing she went into a creative field where a name like Celerie is an asset. It would probably have been a challenging name if she’d decided to go into, say, medical research or aeronautics.

  2. A martini with an olive might have worked. :)

    I absolutely agree that creative names can be an asset for people who have creative careers. The catch, of course, is that no one knows what occupation a newborn will end up with as an adult…so that makes names like this one sorta tricky.

    Celerie uses “we” a few times during the interview, so I’m thinkin’ she’s got siblings…and if that’s the case, I’m really curious to know what their names are.

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