Name in the News – Mariqueen

NIN frontman Trent Reznor is now engaged to West Indian Girl vocalist Mariqueen Maandig, according to MTV.

Mariqueen’s name is pronounced just like Dairy Queen (if you replace the “d” with an “m”). She was born in the Philippines and raised a “very strict Catholic,” so I imagine Mariqueen is a mix of Mary and Queen, and is a reference to Mary, Queen of Heaven.

Mariqueen goes by the nickname Q. (As she said on Facebook, “i hate it when people call me mari.”)

Sources: Interview with a Vamp (2008), Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor Engaged

2 thoughts on “Name in the News – Mariqueen

  1. Mariqueen Dairy Queen.
    How about a piece on Knowsheon Moreno
    Something about his father named “Knowledge” and half of a nickname from his mother.

    A piece I’m sure your #1 fan, the Man, will appreciate.

  2. Nice catch! The Denver Post says…

    [Moreno] explained to reporters about the origin of his unique first name.

    His dad’s nickname is “Knowledge.”

    “My mom’s name is Varashon,” Moreno said. “So Knowshon is a combination of both.

    Too bad his dad’s real name isn’t Knowledge.

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