Tripp Ranks Among the Top Baby Names of 2008

I just noticed that Tripp ranked among the top 1,000 baby boy names in the nation for the first time ever in 2008. (Specifically, it was 926th.)

Sarah Palin’s grandson Tripp wasn’t born until the 27th of December, so news of his birth couldn’t have had too much influence on the rankings.

Perhaps the name had been hovering just outside the top 1,000, and the birth announcement resulted in a small surge of end-of-the-year Tripps?

(Does anyone else have a better theory?)

8 thoughts on “Tripp Ranks Among the Top Baby Names of 2008

  1. I’ve known 2 males named Trip (only 1 ‘p’) — both were “thirds” as in John Smith III, so the Trip was a nickname for Triple; kind of how some people use Trey the same way.

  2. Tripp Darling was a character on the ABC series Dirty Sexy Money. Maybe that raised awareness? Also it seems like preppy is back in style in fashion, is there any other support anyone knows of that shows preppy names or nicknames are surging as well?

  3. I am 7 months prego and will be naming my second son Tripp as well. My first son is Andrew Jayden and we call him Drew. My husband and Drew love the name Tripp. Its different and we got it from Failure to launch. everyone I have heard from (mostly guys) love the name and think its actually an AWESOME name. I am not 100 % sold but we will see.I think pple need to realize that kids will get picked on no matter what. I already know that another young lady from my hometown is naming her son tripp as well….Might be so popular by the time my son is in scchool that he won’t have to worry….lol.God Bless You all

  4. I am being induced tonight with my first son and we too are naming our son Tripp. We also got the name from Failure to Launch!I bet it will move up the ladder of popular baby names in 2010.


  5. That is crazy – we’re naming our son Tripp, he will be born this July and our first son was Caiden.

    We chose Tripp because we like the sound of it and he will be named after two of my uncles who both had my grandfathers names (third in line if you will).

    The name for us came from the show Dirty Sexy Money – Tripp Darling.

    Our first son was named Caiden – we thought it was original when we did it. There has been four other Caiden’s in his gym, skating classes and pre-school…Crazy.

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