Names from France – Capucine, Ludivine, Rémi, Tanguy

Two weeks (and two million croissants) later, I’m back in the States…with photos!

I’ll be posting them in batches over the next few days. This first batch consists of names I spotted in various commercial settings. (Names for sale, if you will.)

These zipper charms (called “Les Zippers”) were in a shop close to Notre-Dame in Paris:

Capucine zipper charmGaëlle zipper charm

Maëlle and Maëlys zipper charm

Nolwenn zipper charmTanguy zipper charm

Rayan and Rémi zipper charm

Traditional names like Jean and Marie were also represented, but I found the trendy names a bit more interesting. (Photos for Corentin, Noémie, Océane, Ophélie, Tiphaine and Yanis ended up being too fuzzy to post.)

These name “cards” (not sure exactly what their purpose is) were in a shop in Monaco:

Ludivine name card

Joris name card

Ségolène and Séverine name cards

If Ségolène looks familiar, it’s likely thanks to former French presidential contender Ségolène Royal.

Finally, I found some street signs featuring given names (e.g. Bruno Boulevard) at a rest stop in Italy, but didn’t have the camera or a pen with me at the time. The only name I can recall now is Tiziano.

Names from France series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

3 thoughts on “Names from France – Capucine, Ludivine, Rémi, Tanguy

  1. My roommate in college, who was from Haiti, was named Gaelle.

    the Sengolene name reminds me of Solange Knowles..

    Those cards appear to be meaning cards…as in what each name means and where it cacme from.

  2. Yup, that’s exactly what they had on them — origins, meanings, etc.

    I just couldn’t figure out why a person would by a simple piece of paper with that information on it, you know? I could see someone buying something useful or decorative (e.g. refrigerator magnet, key chain) with a name on it, but a card? It’s an odd thing to mail someone, and it’s not pretty enough (imo) to frame and hang.

    Then again, tourists buy all sorts of ridiculous stuff, so I’m sure they fly off the shelves anyway. :)

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