Names from France – Baptistin, Edme, Nazareth, Vasilica

We only walked through a small part of Paris’s famed Père Lachaise Cemetery, but it was enough to spot Edme and Vasilica:

Edme in Pere Lachaise cemetery

Vasilica in Pere Lachaise cemetery

Also buried in Père Lachaise is Fulgence Bienvenüe (1852-1936), the civil engineer who helped create the Paris Métro.

In a much smaller cemetery in the town of Mougins, I found the names Adelme, Ottorino, and Nazareth:

Adelme grave

Ottorino grave

Nazareth grave

On a monument aux morts located in the town of Grasse, I saw the names Baptistin, Hippolyte and Jeannin:

Monument aux Morts in Grasse




And on a similar monument in Cannes, I noticed the name Maillan (3rd name down):

Monument aux Morts in Cannes


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