Celebrity Baby Name – Hal

Actor Hank Azaria and his girlfriend welcomed their first baby–a boy–over the weekend.

They named their son Hal.

Hal is typically a nickname for Harry or Henry, but in this case it seems that Hal is the baby’s full first name. (I’m not sure if Hal has a middle name.)

Source: People

4 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Name – Hal

  1. He’s named after his dad, no? Hal is a nickname for Henry. Hank is a nickname for Henry. I like it, it’s cute.

  2. He could be–that would make sense.

    Then again, we’re talking about a celebrity, so who knows…the baby might be named for HAL 9000 and the Hal/Hank/Henry thing could be just a coincidence. :)

  3. For all we know, he might be named Henry or Harold and they are only releasing the nickname. Anyways, I like Hal, it’s simple, straight-forward and not a name better suited for a pet hamster.

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