5 Names I Like Less, Thanks to Music

I do my best to stay impartial about names. Sometimes, though, a bad song gets in the way.

When a perfectly good name gets trapped inside a bad song, I can’t help but start disliking the name along with the song.

Which songs have done the most to tarnish various names for me? The top five are:

  1. Come On Eileen (1982) by Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  2. Fact: This is the most annoying song in the history of mankind. Seriously. There was a world-wide vote. (Did you miss it?) Second place went to John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

  3. My Sharona (1979) by The Knack
  4. The melody is so-so, but the lyrics are just sleazy…especially when you consider that the Sharona who inspired the tune was just 16 when it was written.

  5. Help Me Rhonda (1965) by The Beach Boys
  6. I like The Beach Boys, but this particular song gets on my nerves.

  7. Roxanne (1978) by The Police
  8. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaawks-anne. Need I say more?

  9. Adia (1997) by Sarah McLachlan
  10. Back in the late ’90s, the U.S. passed something known as the McLachlan Law. The gist of it was this: Every radio station must play Adia by Sarah McLachlan at least 300 times an hour. (Sound impossible? It’s not. Trust me, I was there.)

These are my worst offenders, but there are a few dozen other songs I could have included. (Hey Mickey, you’re so fine…)

What about you — has a song ever negatively influenced your opinion of a name? What song was it, and why do you dislike it?

7 thoughts on “5 Names I Like Less, Thanks to Music

  1. Should we ever have a second daughter, we plan to call her Rosemary, nn Romy, after my grandmother Maria Rosa/Rose Marie. There’s a (not terribly well known) song by Interpol where they sing Rosemary – it’s haunting.

    But when I tried to download it on iTunes, there was no song called Rosemary by Interpol. Instead, the song is titled Evil and is about a RL serial killer from England back in the day.

    Ahem. So I still love the name in honor of Gran, and I still love the song. But I suppose I won’t be crooning it as a lull-a-bye to a hypothetical future child.

  2. How funny. :)

    I know a handful of Interpol songs, but not that particular one, so I searched for the video on YouTube. Have you ever seen it? It features a creepy puppet-man. Honestly, I think that would turn me off even more than the subject matter.

  3. Rhiannon. Amanda. And Sara–which is why I’ve never gone by my first name (Sarah).

    In contrast, the Beatles “Dear Prudence” almost makes me love that name.

  4. Lydia the Tattooed Lady
    Oh, Sherri
    Wake Up Little Susie
    Staci’s Mom

    I’m mostly amused by 27 Jennifers.

  5. Having been born in the early 90s and about 6 when the song came out, I don’t really remember hearing it, so I youtube’d it. The chorus makes me think I’ve heard it in a commercial at some point, but I do actually quite like the song. But I guess I’d see where you’re coming from if it was played constantly. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis had the same effect on me — I thought she was a really good singer, and I loved it at first, but after the radio played in constantly, I grew to despise it.

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