Baby Name Needed – Name Dilemma for Callie Rae

A reader named Kelsey writes:

I’m having my little girl Callie in October. Her last name will either be Perrin or McCann. I already have the middle name Rae picked out, but I’d love a second one because I feel a second one would sound better. Names starting with “A” sound best but unfortunately it would make her initials spell CRAP or CRAM or even CRAMP if we give her both last names. What last name do you think would sound best & what second middle names do you suggest (if any)?

Please, please avoid the initials CRAP, CRAM, CRAMP, and CRAPM at all costs. Initials like that may adversely affect Callie’s self-esteem. Definitely not worth it.

Because surnames are far more important than middle names, I’d suggest settling on a surname before trying to tackle anything else. I love the spunky sound of “Callie McCann,” but, ideally, a surname should be chosen not for sound but for how well it symbolizes the family.

Once the surname is known, figuring out what to do about the middle name(s) will be a lot easier.

I like “Callie Rae” as-is, but I feel like Rae isn’t working for Kelsey on some level. One way to fix this would be to add a second middle, but another way would be to look for an alternative to Rae — perhaps something a bit longer. How about names that contain the sound of Rae, such as:


But if Rae is non-negotiable, I think I would try for a second middle that starts with consonant. (I wouldn’t want the full set of initials to resemble any sort of word, just in case!) Here are a few ideas:


What other ideas/suggestions do you have for Kelsey?

5 thoughts on “Baby Name Needed – Name Dilemma for Callie Rae

  1. I don’t really have a suggestion, but just wanted to say that I think even without the ‘A’, your daughter’s initials will be seen as ‘crap’. I grew up with SLB and everyone (in school and sibs) always said ‘slob’. Mostly I thought it was funny, but I will say it’s hard to look at CRP and not see ‘crap’ :(

  2. I agree with Sara. Why not name her Rae Callie and call her Callie? My best friend was named Stephanie Denise and still goes by Denise. :-)

  3. Other subsitutes for Rae,
    Renee, Reine, Raine, Reyna, Reina,

    Callie Rae Gillian
    Callie Rae Yvonne
    Callie Rae Charity
    Callie Rae Dianne
    Callie Rae Jacqueline

  4. To avoid the initials, perhaps consider Callie Mae/May, Callie Fay/Fae/Faye, or Callie Shay/Shae.

    Second middle name ideas (I went with things that started with vowel sounds, but weren’t “a” for initials purposes):

    – Eileen
    – Elaine
    – Eleanor
    – Elisabeth
    – Elodia
    – Emilia
    – Eulalie
    – Honora
    – Isadora
    – Odette
    – Opal
    – Ursula
    – Yvette
    – Yvonne

  5. I personally think that you should name her Callie Rae Kenall McCann. I’ve always loved this name.I never got the chance to use it I had a son.I think the McCann name sounds best at the end.

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