Does This Baby Name Sound like a Stripper Name?

I’ll occasionally spot the question, “Does this baby name sound like a stripper name?” at baby name forums.

To me, this is the baby name-equivalent of, “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?”

In both cases, what one wants to hear is “no.”

But if one feels compelled to ask either of these questions in the first place, the answer is far more likely to be “yes.”

19 thoughts on “Does This Baby Name Sound like a Stripper Name?

  1. OMG. My name growing up was Bridgett Blake, and at my first teaching job, one of my fellow teachers said, in complete earnestness, “wow, that sounds like a stage name, like something a stripper would go by.”

    In one of the very very few moments of my life that I had a come back, I said, “That’s what my parents had in mind, but I disappointed them and became a teacher.”

  2. @C in DC-

    Good questions.

    Stripper names, to me, just sound unserious. They are cutesy (Candy, Bambi) or sexual (Chastity, Cherry) or “deep” (Karma, Essence), but not really elegant or dignified.

    [And, to head off any complaints: I’m not trying to insult people who have the names I just mentioned. I’m only using them as examples.]

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call a male name a stripper name. (Well, Fabio maybe. But that’s it.)

  3. I’ve been told my alot of people that Amber is a commen stripper name. =) Does that mean that I should learen to work a pole?

  4. well amber since you have difficulty spelling and seem proud of this,

    maybe you should consider it as a career opportunity

  5. I agree with Nancy that the names she’s listed call to mind a stripper, or even worse, a porn star. I would never in a million years name my daughter “Bambi”. It would just be asking for trouble. Names like “Karma” scream “low-IQ parents” as much as they say “daughter will grow up to be a stripper”.

    My neighbor’s given name is Misty and I can’t help but think that it sounds a lot like a stage name for an adult entertainer. She’s quite fetching, too.

  6. My stripper name is Annabelle. I like Edgar Allan Poe and Annabelle lee is one of my favorite. I’ve never seen this name in any club.

  7. I’ve gotten that a lot too…I introduce myself,

    “Hi Complete Stranger, I’m Rachael Redwine.”

    and get looked at I like, “Well heeeello to you…”

    *smacks forehead* good grief.

  8. Stripper names tend to be names that were popular in the white lower classes 20-30 years before, plus some names like Candy etc.

  9. Amber,

    Please disregard Lauren’s post. Either her shift keys aren’t working or she is also an idiot pretending to be smart.


  10. I, unfortunately, have that name. To make matters worse my middle is Dawn. Now as I have looked up the poplularity for this name in the year that I was born, it was considered fairly popular. However it only plunged from then on. I am sure my mother thought it was sweet and original, considering my early morning birth of 6:45 in a winter month on the coast of Oregon. Definately around the time of sunrise and most cerainly full of mist. But I do have to say, as a mother of two girls myself, PLEASE PLEASE consider the possible downfalls of a name before permanently sticking a name to your sweet bundle of joy! In retrospect though, my husband found out three months after the birth of our second daughter that there was an amature porn star named Jocelyn, she tried to “befriend” him on My Space. He declined. :D

  11. I have been told that my name sounded like a stripper name Amber Dawn. Then I Also was told that my daughters names sounded like that as well. Arianna Marie, Jasmine Lynn, and Serenity James. I think they are just pretty names and easily roll off the tongue. Plus they each have a special meaning or family member that they were named after as well.

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