Baby Name Needed – Middle Name for Baby Girl Jetsy

A reader named Rebecca, who has two children named Billy and Maisy, is expecting a baby girl in several weeks. Here’s what she writes:

During a conversation regarding names my little girl suggested Jetsy…which we think is very cute…BUT alot of people says “its not even a name”!

The subject of Rebecca’s e-mail asked if Jetsy is a name, so I’ll start there.

No, I don’t believe that Jetsy is a traditional English name (or nickname). In fact, I’ve never seen it before. Google tells me, though, that a handful of people do have the name — including minor league ball player Jetsy Extrano.

Billy and Maisy’s names originated as nicknames for William and Margaret, so I thought I’d begin with a few nicknames similar to Jetsy, in case those “it’s not even a name!” comments are starting to get tiresome:

  • Jessie, nickname for Jessica
  • Jerry/Gerry, nickname for Geraldine
  • Josie, nickname for Josephine
  • Jenny/Genny, nickname for Jennifer or Genevieve
  • Betsy, nickname for Elizabeth

But Rebecca wasn’t looking for an alternative first name so much as a “nice normal middle name,” which I think is a great idea, as Jetsy is so unusual. Here are a few possibilities:


Do you like any of the above with Jetsy? What other middle names would you suggest to Rebecca?

Update: The baby has arrived! Scroll down to see what name Rebecca chose.

10 thoughts on “Baby Name Needed – Middle Name for Baby Girl Jetsy

  1. Other things that Jetsy could be a nickname for:
    – Giacinta
    – Giada
    – Giovanetta
    – Jacquetta
    – Jacquette
    – Janet
    – Jeannette
    – Josette
    – Juliet/Juliette
    – Justine

    I think a Juliette with the nickname Jetsy is actually quite neat. Just a thought.

    I used to know a girl whose nickname was Jetty (or Jeddy, maybe? Don’t know the spelling for certain). Her legal name was something similar Geraldine that wasn’t Geraldine… Jeralyn or Jeradina or something.

  2. Great ideas, Angela! Thank you.

    Bridgett, same thing happened to me — I liked Belle as a middle until I realized Jetsy Belle might be too close to Jezebel.

  3. Immediately Jetsy Gail popped into my head…I completely dig it…even if it does have a aeronautical/weather phenom twist.

    As for other nice normal middles:
    Olivia (top fave)

    Side note, assuming that it will be pronounced jet-see I foresee her being called jetski in school.

  4. uhh, Jetsy? I agree with a pp, it sounds like “jetski” or like someone’s pointing out in the sky “Jett;-see??” Betsy would have been a bit better, Jetsy honestly doesn’t sound like a name.

    Some of the mn’s are great though! I think Jetsy Michelle goes best.

  5. I agree that Jetsy might hear “jetski” quite a bit, and I also thought of The Jetsons. But if you really love the name, I say go for it, but make it a nickname for something longer and more traditional, as someone mentioned above. I think the most fitting name would be either Josette or Juliet. Despite the pitfalls (jetski and Jetsons), I can’t help but think Jetsy is a very cute nickname – it makes me think of a spunky little girl with a lot of moxie! And I like that. :]

  6. I actually have a 4 year old daughter that I named Jetsy, not short for anything but just Jetsy Nevaeh, I’ve never meet anyone else with this name it’s def unique and it fits her personality to the T lol….

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