Celebrity Baby Name – Sparrow James Midnight

Early this morning, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden welcomed their second child, a son named Sparrow James Midnight Madden.

Sparrow’s sister is 20-month-old Harlow Winter Kate Madden.

My take on the name? I think James is terrific. Sparrow and Midnight, though, I’m not too keen about. I’ve known too many black labs named Midnight to take that one seriously as a baby name. Sparrow is interesting, but it feels like a stretch — like they just wanted something to match with Harlow. I also wonder if it’s a Pirates of the Caribbean reference. (If that’s what they were going for, too bad they chose Sparrow over Jack.)

What do you think?

UPDATE: More about Sparrow’s name here.

Source: TV Guide

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Name – Sparrow James Midnight

  1. I read that there is an African tradition of naming children according to when they were born– not sure Nicole and Joel (hey, those rhyme, too, hmmmm) knew about/where going for that, but Harlow was born in January=Winter, and Sparrow was born in the middle of the night… I can sort of get on board with that- my children have names that are strange and unfamiliar here, but are fairly common, historical Irish names. I also used very common names for their middle names, with the idea that if their first names made them uncomfortable in school, they could go by those… so, I’m glad for the ‘James’ and ‘Kate’, for the kiddos’ sake.

  2. I do take some issue, though, with the placement of the names- If you’re going for commonality among your kids’ weird and extra names, shouldn’t he have been named ‘Sparrow Midnight James Madden’?

  3. Jamie, I think I read that as well — in one of yesterday’s articles trying to decipher what the name means, in fact. Just like you, I have no idea what the parents were really aiming for, but many African names I know about mean things like “born on market day” or “born on Saturday” — particular days, not seasons (winter) or moments (midnight). So that makes me think the parents didn’t have a particular tradition in mind as they chose names. I think it’s more likely they just made things up as they went along.

    And that’s a great point about placement. The names seem a bit sloppy to me now that I’m seeing that they could have had parallel structure, but do not, for no obvious reason.

  4. Sparrow’s parents talk about the name in this week’s People Magazine.

    Nicole says: “We have different tastes in names. Sparrow was one we both liked. I liked the way it sounded with Harlow. There’s also the Captain Jack Sparrow connection.”

    Joel says: “It reminded me of the Johnny Cash song ‘A Boy Named Sue.’ My worry raising a son in Hollywood is what will he have to struggle for? I wanted to give him a name that he’s going to have to stand up for. I love it; I think it’s a beautiful name.”

    Source: The Hollywood Gossip

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