The Grandparent Test

Will all of the baby’s grandparents be able to pronounce the baby’s name correctly?

You don’t need to choose a name that all of the grandparents love necessarily. That probably isn’t even possible. But it would be respectful to choose a name that all of them are comfortable saying out loud.

This is an especially important thing to remember if the grandparents speak different languages.

7 thoughts on “The Grandparent Test

  1. Another tip if your family speaks different languages – find out what they’d use as the diminutive form. When we named our son Alexander after his Polish grandfather Aleksander, we assumed he’d be Aleksey. Not so. Turns out that, in their region, really little Aleksanders are called Olus – oh LOOSH. I hated it! I remember being in the hospital, hearing my in-laws coo over Olus and thinking “That’s not his name!”

    Olus has grown on me, but it was a shock. With baby #2, we ran through the diminutives ahead of time.

  2. We’ve already passed that test, and we aren’t even planning to have kids just yet. We are going easy and have picked names of grans and great grans.

  3. We had to pick names that worked in both English and Portuguese. After hearing both my name and my BIL’s name mangled, I knew we had to pass this test.

    To Wendy: sometimes that doesn’t work either. My MIL objected to the idea of using her MIL’s name (they didn’t get along) and my mother objected to any name ending in -da (which ruled out both my mother’s name and her mother’s name). While we didn’t feel bound by those constraints, it did make for some interesting discussions.

  4. Of course not all grandparents will like or even pronounce the baby’s name correctly. But there are also grandparents who will accept with an open-mind. Respect to grandparents is also to know them.

    My grand-mother accepted Rayan. We knew her. No problem.

  5. C…a son would be the third (diff middle), and daughter would just have a grandmothers middle name as her middle name so nothing too crazy…and the names are both really common….Jack and Marie. =]

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