What’s a Stripper Name?

A few weeks ago I posted an observation about baby names that sound like stripper names. In the comments, C in DC asked two great questions:

And what exactly makes a name sound like a “stripper” name? And is it limited to names for girls?

Defining “stripper name” is tricky. Stripper names fall into such a wide variety of subcategories. Lolita and Chastity are sexual. Bambi and Candy are flirty. Blaze and Raven are edgy. Karma and Destiny are conceptual. Porsche and Armani are symbolic. Houston and Dallas are…cities in Texas.

Overall, I guess I’d describe stripper names as unserious, maybe even silly.

Can boy names be stripper names? My first instinct is to say no, as I’ve only ever seen girl names called stripper names. But what about boy names like Adonis, Valentino and Fox? I think there’s stripper name potential there. So I’m undecided on this one.

How would you answer these questions?

One thought on “What’s a Stripper Name?

  1. In my experience male strippers often have ‘exotic, yet rugged’ names; think Ivan or Giovanni. (on a side note…names such as those of some of the Palin children could double as stripper names ;] ) I have also seen names like Phoenix, Majic, and Mirage.

    In naming off stripper names you forgot to mention edibles Nancy, such as Cherry or Brandy, you did mention Candy however.

    When I think of stripper names I think of puns or knock offs, like Jessie James (actual girl), or Bond/Austin Powers girls…Alotta Vagina for instance.

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