How Many U.S. Presidents Were Named after Family Members?

So far, 43 men have served as president of the United States. How many of those 43 men were given a family name as a first and/or middle name?

The answer is 39 — over 90%.

The four presidents who don’t definitively have family names are:

  • George Washington, named after lawyer George Eskridge, who cared for Washington’s mother after she became an orphan.
  • Franklin Pierce.
  • Andrew Johnson, named after either a maternal uncle or Andrew Jackson.
  • Stephen Grover Cleveland, named after Rev. Stephen Grover, first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Caldwell, New Jersey.

If we go ahead and count Washington and Johnson, the total jumps to 41 — over 95%.

The moral of the story? If you really want to name your baby boy like a president, forget about James, John, William and George. Just look at your family tree.

Source: Wikipedia

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