Unusual Real Names – Bluma, Oseola, Susybelle, Torquil

This batch of unusual real names features a dozen charitable people, most of whom were born in an English-speaking country:

  • Bluma Appel, 1919-2007, Canada
  • Calouste Gulbenkian, 1869-1955, Armenia
  • Jacobena Angliss, 1896-1980, Australia
  • Kroum Pindoff, b. 1915, Canada (originally Bulgaria)
  • Leonidas Lent Hamline, 1797-1865, U.S.
  • Lieven Gevaert, 1868-1935, Belgium
  • LuEsther Mertz, 1905-1991, U.S.
  • Macpherson Robertson, 1859-1945, Australia
  • Oseola McCarty, 1908-1999, U.S.
  • Susybelle Wilkinson Lyons, 1923-2007, U.S.
  • Torquil Norman, b. 1933, England
  • Uncas Aeneas Whitaker, 1900-1975, U.S.

Probably the only list of philanthropists Bill Gates will never make. :)

3 thoughts on “Unusual Real Names – Bluma, Oseola, Susybelle, Torquil

  1. I’m sorry to those who commented on this post earlier today. I approved the comments from the airport, but after my flight, I found that the post (and comments) were gone. I don’t know what went wrong. I was able to retrieve the post, but unfortunately not the comments.

  2. Susybelle is really cute, and it has lots of nice nicknames- Susie/Susy/Suzy or Bella, or Sue (if you don’t like the more obvious nicknames).

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