Names in the News – Dump and Tiffany Co

My husband and I both spotted notable names in the news on Friday. I saw Dump in an article about gravestones in southwestern Missouri:

With every cemetery visit her binder grew, and grew. With names like Vannoy, Maudi Mae, and even Dump.

He saw Tiffany Co in a TIME article about retailers gearing up for black Friday:

Expect to see heavy price-discounting among most retailers this holiday season, but not as aggressive as last year’s stunning markdowns. “On average you might see 30% to 50% off, but last year was 75% to 80% off,” says Tiffany Co, director of retail at Fitch Ratings.

I love that Tiffany Co studies retail trends. So fitting.

Sources: Old Ozarks Gravestone Names Inspire Book, Retailers Gear up for Black Friday

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