The Difference Between Margaux and Miller Lyte

Yesterday I learned that Matthew McConaughey’s brother, Michael “Rooster” McConaughey, named his second son Miller Lyte after his favorite beer, Miller Lite.

The name Miller Lyte reminded me of Margaux, the name of Lorraine Bracco’s daughter.

Both names were inspired by alcohol. One is more serious (a tribute to a memorable wine experience) while the other is more lighthearted (a jokey reference to a favorite beer).

Which name do you prefer?

Source: Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Gets a Reality Show

P.S. Rooster definitely has a sense of humor when it comes to names. “When the oil business went bust, Rooster lost everything and ended up renaming his [pipe supply] company Chapter 11 Pipe.”

8 thoughts on “The Difference Between Margaux and Miller Lyte

  1. Marguax is much better than the girls I have met named Champagne & Tequila. Miller was good until the Lyte part….but isn’t there a prerequisite for even quasi celebs to name their children goofy names?

  2. Margaux is actually a proper name and also the diminutive of Marguerite meaning pearl. Margaux is equally the name of a town in the Bordeaux area in France and the wine you are referring to is called ‘Château Margaux’ meaning ‘Castle Margaux’. In other words the wine is made at the castle in Margaux, France:-)

  3. Thanks, Margaux. I’m not questioning their legitimacy of either name. (Miller is legit as well.) I just wanted to compare the stories behind these two particular names.

  4. Just learned that Miller Lyte has a little sister who is also named for beer. Here’s a quote from Rooster:

    I named my [3½-year-old] boy Miller Lyte because that’s my favorite beer. And my [11-month-old] little girl is named Margarita Olympia … I liked that beer, too, even though they don’t even make it anymore.

    Anyone ever heard of Margarita Olympia beer?

    Source: People

  5. There used to be a beer called Olympia beer – it had a blue and white Greek looking can.

    I think the Margarita comes from his favorite non-beer drink…

  6. There still is an Olympia Beer. Used to be brewed in Tumwater, Washington, near the capital city of Olympia — now it’s just a brand of SABMiller

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