Unique Baby Names Don’t Make Babies Unique

Every person is unique. Each of us has a unique personality, a unique set of talents, a unique set of fingerprints, even a unique body odor.

What’s my point?

Names have no bearing on uniqueness. A baby girl named Emma is just as unique as a baby girl named Embioptera. A baby boy named Jacob is just as unique as a baby boy named Jackfruit.

Your baby doesn’t need some outlandish name to be unique. He or she already is unique.

3 thoughts on “Unique Baby Names Don’t Make Babies Unique

  1. Well stated, Nancy. I often wonder if some of the “unique” name parents choose are names they would really like to have themselves (maybe not). I’ve often wondered too if it’s really their child they’re thinking about when such names are given or whether the parents want to be applauded for coming up with such a “unique” name.

  2. From an article about parents who named their daughters Arya and Eowyn:

    While Arya has become more popular “there are still not many of them in her year,” says Rebecca. “We wanted them to be unique, and have their own personality.”

    Of course — because unique names are the only way to ensure your kids end up with “their own” personalities.


    Source: Naming daughters Eowyn and Arya was no game

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