Asking Someone Else to Name Your Baby

Let’s say you were going to ask another person to name your baby. No, not an eBay bidder, or a radio show host, or even an older sibling. I’m talking about a grandparent, or a great-grandparent, or perhaps a very close (adult) friend.

What guidelines/rules would you give that person?

2 thoughts on “Asking Someone Else to Name Your Baby

  1. Yikes. I don’t know if I would.

    I think I would allow only one of two names (first or middle). Or insist that it matches what is important to us (we like to use at least one saint’s name; we chose names that match our heritage–Irish-Italian-German).

    Or I would have them offer us 4 choices and we could choose the final result. But still. It’s outside my comfort zone!

  2. There are some cultures that have official baby-namers, just like others have matchmakers. An American friend of mine was asked to serve as the babynamer for some foreign friends (I forget where they were from), because they wanted an English name for their child as well as a traditional name from their culture.

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