Baby Names from Symbols of Family Members

I talked about using family heirlooms to brainstorm for baby names a few weeks ago. Heirlooms are great for finding names that can symbolize your family generally. If you want a name that represents a particular family member, though, everyday items can work even better.

Maybe your father, Mr. Fix-it, always has a Phillips-head screwdriver in his back pocket. Maybe your mother the perfume-lover constantly wears Oscar by Oscar de la Renta. Maybe your Grandpa attended all of your childhood recitals and graduations and other events wearing his favorite Jimmy Chen suit.

There are two keys to finding a good name this way. First, the association needs to be strong. The only way these names have any real significance is via these connections with your loved ones. Second, the name should be appropriate. It doesn’t matter how well words like Motorola or spatula symbolize someone in your family; Motorola and Spatula make terrible baby names.

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