Unusual Real Names – Bamber, Dingle, Potto, Wyke

British men with peculiar names:

  • Almroth Wright (1861-1947) – bacteriologist and immunologist.
  • Bamber Gascoigne (born in 1935) – television presenter and author.
  • Banastre Tarleton (1754-1833) – soldier and politician.
  • Coventry Patmore (1823-1896) – poet and critic.
  • Dingle Foot (1905-1978) – barrister and politician.
  • Elfyn Llwyd (born in 1951) – barrister and politician.
  • Olinthus Gregory (1774-1841) – mathematician, author and editor.
  • Potto Brown (1797–1871) – miller and philanthropist.
  • Wyke Bayliss (1835-1906) – painter.

Dingle Foot’s first name was his maternal grandmother’s maiden name.

One thought on “Unusual Real Names – Bamber, Dingle, Potto, Wyke

  1. Coventry is actually super appealing to me… I’d gladly consider it!
    Elfyn sounds strange to you, but Elfin/Elfinn is a perfectly normal name in Norway, currently worn by around 30 men :) It means ‘good at finding fire’ and Elfinn is the most common spelling.
    The feminine Elfi, Elfrid and Elfrida might have more appeal to non-norwegians :) Elfrid (mute D) is a personal favourite of mine!

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