Siblings Named Mister, E and Yo

Australian artist/engineer Natalie Jeremijenko has three children:

  1. Mister Jamba-Djang Vladimir Ulysses Hope (girl)
  2. E Harper Nora (girl)
  3. Yo Xing Heyno Augustus Eisner Alexander Weiser Knuckles (boy)

Mister was born in 1987 to Jeremijenko and her then-boyfriend, an Australian rock musician. She goes by “Jamba-Djang” now. Jeremijenko had been “reading and loving Nabokov and Joyce at the time,” and admits to getting “a little carried away.”

E and Yo were born a few years later to to Jeremijenko and her husband, American sociologist Dalton Conley. E was inspired by the mathematical constant, and her parents call the name interactive because E can choose what “E” stands for. Yo’s name was lengthened in 2003 at his request to include the name of his father’s childhood dog, Knuckles. As of 2003, his was the longest name in NYC’s register.

Sources: The Impish Inventor, Name-dropping keeps city’s moniker monitor on the hop, An engineer for the avant-garde, The artist as mad scientist

2 thoughts on “Siblings Named Mister, E and Yo

  1. Talk about timely. Sharp-eyed Nancy Friedman clued me in to an article by Dalton Conley, published just a few days ago, called “Raising E and Yo…

    I don’t have a subscription to Psychology Today, so I can’t read the entire article. But I’ll do my best to get my hands on a copy. Until then, here are a couple of quotes pulled from what I can see.

    On E:

    The original intent of “E” was that she could decide what it stood for. She was born about two months early, and we almost called her Early.

    On Yo:

    I had wanted to give our boy an ethnically ambiguous name to challenge assumptions about race and assimilation.

    As for all the other names: We suspected that this was the last kid we would produce, so we wanted to squeeze everything in there without having to make tough choices.

    He also mentions that Yo Xing “means shooting star if said in the second tone in Mandarin.”

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