Identical Twins Named Harry Louie and Louie Harry

Bernie Madoff whistleblower Harry M. Markopolos has 6-year-old identical twin boys named Harry Louie and Louie Harry.

The New York Times Magazine asked Markopolos, “Is that some kind of Greek tradition? Giving kids the same name?” He answered:

You saw the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Everybody has the same name. Only the people change; the names never do.

What do you think of using the same names (just switching the order) for identical twins? Would you do it?

P.S. Over 75% of those who’ve voted in the poll on twin names prefer twin names that don’t sound similar.

Sources: Bad things to name your twins, Questions For Harry Markopolos – Math Is Hard

5 thoughts on “Identical Twins Named Harry Louie and Louie Harry

  1. Hmmm…I’m not really feeling the combo let alone the swap around.

    It’s Harry Snr’s prerogative, of course, but if I ever had twins (which I doubt), I don’t think I’d adopt the same naming strategy.

  2. Well, personally, I don’t like the name Louie very much. And I don’t think I like the swap around either… its TOO similar. Not only similar, it’s the same! (the same names, that is, of course). So if I had twins I would definitely not do that.

  3. This is especially difficult, because how will they now differentiate Harry (not Sr.) with Harry (not Jr.)? Middle initials only? Some other pet nickname? Bleah all the way around.

    There are lots and lots of other Greek names that could’ve been used. I can’t believe that Harry and Louie are the only male names available to the Markopolos family.

  4. I know a set of brothers (not twins) who are “Michael Steven” and “Steven Michael”. When they had the second son, they realized that those were the names they liked best, so they just used them again. They also have an adopted daughter (20 years younger than the sons), whom I believe is named Hallie.

  5. I recently discovered that advice columnists “Abigail Van Buren” and “Ann Landers” were, in fact, twins whose real names were Pauline Esther Friedman and Esther Pauline Friedman. They were born in 1918 in Iowa.

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