Most Consistently Popular Baby Name in Ontario?

Ontario’s most popular baby names from 1801 through 1934 were recently determined by genealogy website

Throughout the 133-year period, the top six girl names were always Mary, Margaret, Marie, Annie, Elizabeth, and Sarah.

Fast forward to 2008 and the top 5 have fallen behind. (Elizabeth just barely makes the top 25, coming in at 24th.) Only Sarah has remained a top-ten name, coming in 6th.

This makes Sarah the most consistently popular baby name in Ontario.

On the boys’ side, the most consistently popular name would have to be William. Both John and William were top names from 1801 to 1934, but John was out of the top 25 by 2008, whereas William was hanging on at 12th.

[C]ommon names from history which have not stood the test of time include George, Albert, Frederick, Florence, Edith and Ethel. They have been replaced by popular names such as Emma, Olivia and Emily for girls and Ethan, Matthew and Joshua for boys, the top three by gender in 2008.


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