2010 Name of the Year

Have you been casting your votes for the 2010 Name of the Year? If not, then you probably missed yesterday’s post on Godspower Offor (b. 1993):

Justice Offor believed that the birth of his son was a sign of God’s power. So that’s what he named him. In Nigeria, a far more onomastically creative and tolerant society than our own, people loved the name. But in Miami, where the family emigrated, the elementary school kids weren’t quite as impressed.

Vote for Godspower or any of the other 63 names on the 2010 ballot via daily polls at the NOTY blog.

Which name will win, do you think?

UPDATE: According to his Wake Forest bio, he goes by the nickname “G.P.” and has siblings named Wisdom (brother) and Loveth (sister).

4 thoughts on “2010 Name of the Year

  1. My second son went to school with God’s Will, I thought it was charming. I voted for Spiral Lightninghawk though because the contrast of such a poetic name with shoplifting was fascinating.

  2. Another NOTY name explained!

    NOTY contender Pizza Ashby, staff member of the Committee on Homeland Security, spoke about her name with Roll Call:

    Her mother was really hungry on the day she was born (it was Christmas) and named her after a commercial that came on TV. “I’m just glad there wasn’t a commercial for hot dogs,” Ashby says. “Or else things could have turned out differently.”

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