Baby Name Needed – Name for Luke and Zeke’s Sibling

A reader named Bethany has two boys, Luke and Zeke (full name Ezekiel, but he always goes by Zeke). She’s expecting a baby in August, and she’d like some help coming up with boy and girl names. Here are the names she’s currently considering:

Boy names: Hudson, Zane, Abe, Jed

  • “Our favorite right now is Hudson for a boy, mostly because my husband’s name is Richard (“son of Richard”) and also because of the great old Christian man, Hudson Taylor. Our only concern is: Will this soon become a girls name?”
  • “We have also toyed around with Zane, but fear “inZane” jokes–and also, is it too similar to Zeke? Luke, Zeke, and Zane?”
  • “Is Abe just too much? Luke, Zeke, and Abe? Does it roll off the tongue weird?”
  • “And Jed–too hill-billy? Luke, Zeke, and Jed?”
  • A boy name doesn’t need to end with a k-sound, “yet we don’t want the third boy (if it’s a boy) to feel like the weirdo if he has too different of a name.”
  • They want “a manly third name if it’s a boy.” Nothing that could be mistaken for a girl’s name.

Girl Names: Emmie, Ellie

  • “For girls, we love Emmie and Ellie, but how common are those? Emma and Emily are list toppers, but how many Emmies are there?”

Bethany also mentions: “We are Christians, and although we don’t care if the name is straight from the Bible, it would be nice if it did have a good strong meaning.”

Here are some thoughts I had about the current favorites:

Hudson – I think Hudson is a great choice. It’s a good name, it’s masculine (I don’t think it’ll become a girl name anytime soon), the definition is perfect, and the association with Hudson Taylor is both meaningful and inspiring. It works on many levels.

Zane – My feeling is that it’s too close to Zeke.

Abe – Would it be nickname for Abraham? If so, I like this one. I don’t think “Luke, Zeke, and Abe” sounds weird at all.

Jed – It does sound slightly hillbilly to me, but not as full-on hillbilly as names like Jethro and Cletus.

Emmie – It’s not common as a given name–it hasn’t ranked in decades–but it’s used as a nickname for both Emily and Emma. So it hasn’t dropped off the radar entirely.

Ellie – I like Ellie, but I think it could be a lot more meaningful if it were a nickname for Elizabeth (more on this below).

Here are some other ideas, plus potential nicknames and associations:

Boy names Girl names
Boaz (Bo)
Eric (Eric Liddell)
Isaac (Ike)
Jacob (Jake)
Micah (Mike)
Michael (Mike)
Moses (Mo)
Samson (Sam)
Abigail (Abbie)
Amy (Amy Carmichael)
Elizabeth (Ellie, Liz, Betty, etc.)
Cornelia (Corrie; Corrie ten Boom)
Charlotte (Lottie; Lottie Moon)
Ida (Ida Scudder)
Judith (Judy)
Lillian (Lillie; Lillian Trasher)
Rebecca (Becky)
Sarah (Sadie)
Tabitha (Tabby)

I think my favorite is Elizabeth. It’s biblical, it has an element in common with Bethany (reminding me of the Hudson/Richard connection), and it allows for not only the nickname Ellie but a number of other nicknames as well. (Liz might sound cute with Luke and Zeke; Betty could be used in tribute to Betty Greene.)

Of all the names above, which do you like best with Luke and Zeke? What other boy and girl names would you recommend to Bethany?

UPDATE – The baby is here! To learn the gender and the name, scroll down to the last comment.

7 thoughts on “Baby Name Needed – Name for Luke and Zeke’s Sibling

  1. I think a good way to complement Luke and Zeke would be to match the sounds in a different part of the name (eg. the beginning or middle, rather than the end).

    For a girl, I love the idea of Elizabeth – it has both the L and Z sounds to match both names, and is just a beautiful, dignified name.

  2. I really like Jed/Jedidiah. The hill-billy connection is diminishing. (The connection is from the Beverly hillbillies.) I also like Jethro and Malachi (with Chi/Ky as a nn).

    I’d suggest Eleanor or Elinor for a fn for Ellie, too. Less common than Elizabeth, but still a strong name.

  3. I like these names from your list:

    Isaac (Ike)
    Jacob (Jake)
    Micah (Mike)
    Michael (Mike)

    Elizabeth (Ellie, Liz, Betty, etc.)
    Judith (Judy)
    Rebecca (Becky)

    What about Kemuel, Zachary, and Kezia?

  4. Love Malachi… how about Deacon? Deke for short is a lot like Zeke, though, and I did think of Zachariah right away, too, but Zeke and Zach? Don’t know about that… The other boy name that came to me right away was Drake… keeps your theme going, but is different enough to be easily distinguished from his brothers…

    For girls, I can’t think of anything better than Elizabeth– there are so many nickname options, and it is so classic in and of itself…

  5. I recently heard from Bethany. Here’s what she says:

    I am pleased to write back and let you know that we had a third son and named him Colson Dale. We call him “Cole” for short, sticking with the one-syllable-nickname theme of his brothers Luke and Zeke, and like his brothers, sticking with a family name for the middle name. (Dale is the name of my dad.) We thought of Colson when we were flipping through the Bible and loved the book of Colossians, but couldn’t obviously name a son that; then we wiggled the letters around and thought, “Aha! Colson!” Colossians is addressed “to the holy and faithful brothers of Colosse,” which is a description we’d love for our son someday.

    Congrats, Bethany!

  6. Hey! I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this…but I was scrolling along names to go along with my son’s and I found this!
    I was just completely shocked when I read that a woman named Bethany had a son named Zeke because my name is also Bethany and i have a son named Zeke! Irony at it’s finest! ???? love this! Wish you all the best!

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