Asians in New Zealand Change Names to Get Jobs

Many job-seeking Asians in New Zealand have had to adopt European-sounding names in order to find employment.

One Chinese immigrant changed her name to Brenda Jones after failing to land a single job interview with her original name. Another immigrant, who changed his name from Lai Ming Wang to Terence King, said his name change was key to finding work:

I got that job interview only after submitting my CV with my new surname, and getting that interview meant I could prove that I am well versed in English and have the ability to do the job.

According a 2005 survey by the University of Auckland School of Business, there is significant anti-Asian discrimination among employers in New Zealand.

Source: Asians ditch identities in hunt for jobs

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  1. Name Discrimination news via Waltzing More than Matilda:

    Researchers from the Australian National University submitted 4000 fictitious CVs for entry level jobs, and found that people with a Middle Eastern name need to submit 64% more applications that one with an Anglo-Saxon name to gain a job interview, while those with Chinese names need to submit 68% more applications, Indigenous names 35% more, and Italian names 12% more.

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