Baby Name Story – Baby Named after Teletubby

In 1997, Teletubbies debuted in the UK. That same year, Jagdish and Kamlesh Sohpal of Birmingham, England were expecting their second daughter.

They asked their two-year-old Geeta what she’d like to name her baby sister. She replied Laa-Laa, after her favorite Teletubby–the yellow one with the curly antenna.

Apparently they liked Geeta’s suggestion. When the baby arrived in October, she was named Laa-Laa.

And what happened to the namesake of the yellow Teletubby soon after she was born? She developed jaundice. Isn’t it ironic, as Alanis Morissette might say.


3 thoughts on “Baby Name Story – Baby Named after Teletubby

  1. My Grandmother from Norway was called Lala. When she was a little girl her “real” name was very long and she couldn’t say it. One time someone asked her what her name was and she replied, Lala. That name stuck with her throughout her entire life. Everybody knew her by Lala and not by her real name. : )

  2. Hi Kamlesh,

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Could you tell us how/why the “Laa-laa” story came to be published if the baby wasn’t actually named Laa-laa? (Was the name changed to Radha later on?)

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