Baby Name Stories – Ryan, Ryann and Gregory Named for Doctor

During an ultrasound, Wendy and Joe Votto of Toronto discovered that their twin boys had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Days later, doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital performed risky laser surgery inside Wendy’s womb. The surgery was successful, and the twins were born in February 2000.

One twin, Ryan Oliver, was named after Dr. Greg Ryan, a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist at Mount Sinai. The other twin, Paul Gregory, seems to have been named in honor of Dr. Ryan as well.

And the namesakes don’t stop there.

Sandy and Jason Clark’s twin girls also had TTTS. Sandy underwent the same procedure at Mount Sinai. When the girls were born in March 2007, they were named Reagan and Ryann.

An anonymous commenter at had this to say about Dr. Ryan in 2009:

This amazing man saved our surviving twin’s life. Diagnoses with TTTS at 23 weeks, we were rushed to Toronto and had surgery within 18 hours. […] We named our boys after him, to honor this amazing life saver!

Makes me wonder how many babies have been named after Dr. Greg Ryan over the years.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Name Stories – Ryan, Ryann and Gregory Named for Doctor

  1. You can add one more to the list :)
    Dr. Ryan performed laser surgery on my girls last February and it was a success. I named one of my girls Mairin Grier (Grier is femine for Greg). He is an amazing man, we owe our girls lives to him and it seemed fitting to honour him with naming one of them for him.

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