Try All Permutations of Your Baby’s Name

You think you’ve finally settled on your baby’s first and middle names. The ones you’ve chosen are good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like them. But have you tested out all permutations of the full name yet?

Names only: Firstname Middlename Lastname
Firstname Middlename
Firstname Lastname
Middlename Lastname
Names + Initials: Firstname Middlename L.
Firstname M. Lastname
F. Middlename Lastname
Firstname M. L.
F. Middlename L.
F. M. Lastname
Firstname M.
Firstname L.
F. Middlename
Middlename L.
F. Lastname
M. Lastname
Initials only: F. M. L.
F. L.
F. M.
M. L.
Nicknames: Nickname Middlename Lastname
Nickname Middlename
Nickname Lastname
Nickname Middlename L.
Nickname M. Lastname
Nickname M. L.
Nickname M.
Nickname L.
Surname first: Lastname, Firstname Middlename
Lastname, Firstname M.
Lastname, F. M.
Lastname, Firstname
Lastname, F.
Lastname, Nickname M.
Lastname, Nickname

Some of the above might seem uncommon — F. Middlename L.? — but it’s best to be thorough and test them all anyway. You never know how a name will end up being used.

As you work your way down the list, look and listen for words, phrases, statements, puns, rhymes, or anything else that might be unintentionally funny or insulting.

The point of testing various permutations isn’t to disqualify your favorite name (necessarily). It’s just to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises later on.

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