A Thought About Parvati

I just caught a few minutes of a Survivor rerun. One of the contestants was named Parvati, but every time I heard her name, I thought I was hearing the word “poverty.” Not a great association. Something to keep in mind if you’re considering the name Parvati for your baby girl and you live in (or one day plan to live in) an English-speaking country.

3 thoughts on “A Thought About Parvati

  1. I’ve actually always kind of liked the name Parvati. Its pretty common among those of Indian heritage. I have never made the poverty association, but now that you say it, I can hear what you mean.

  2. It might be a bigger concern in places where r’s are dropped (e.g. New England). Here, both Parvati and poverty end up sounding something like PAH-vah-tee.

  3. That’s really interesting, I always misheard Parvati as party. (But then I also misread it as Pavarotti.)

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