Which Baby Name Ranked #1 in the Most States?

The SSA released state-wide baby name data for 2009 yesterday. Seven girl names and 14 boy names took top spots in the 51 state-wide races (including DC).

Which baby name ranked #1 in the most states? Clearly Isabella:

  1. Isabella, 21 states (AK, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, HI, IL, NV, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, TX, VA, WA, WY)
  2. Emma, 14 states (AL, AR, IN, KS, KY, ME, MO, MT, NC, OR, SC, SD, TN, VT)
  3. Ethan, 9 states (HI, IN, KS, MT, ND, OK, SD, UT, WI)
    William, 9 states (AL, AR, DC, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA)
  4. Olivia, 8 states (ID, MA, MI, MN, NH, ND, UT, WI)
  5. Jacob, 7 states (AZ, IA, KY, MI, MO, OH, WV)
  6. Alexander, 6 states (CO, DE, IL, NE, OR, WA)
    Michael, 6 states (AK, CT, MD, NJ, NY, PA)
  7. Madison, 4 states (GA, MD, MS, WV)
  8. Logan, 3 states (ID, MN, NH)
  9. Anthony, 2 states (NV, RI)
    Ava, 2 states (IA, LA)
    Jayden, 2 states (FL, LA)
    Noah, 2 states (ME, VT)
  10. Addison, 1 state (NE)
    Aiden, 1 state (NM)
    Allison, 1 state (DC)
    Daniel, 1 state (CA)
    Jose, 1 state (TX)
    Ryan, 1 state (MA)
    Wyatt, 1 state (WY)

Wyatt was #1 in Wyoming. Cute, isn’t it? I wonder if it’s the name letter effect working in reverse.

4 thoughts on “Which Baby Name Ranked #1 in the Most States?

  1. Alexander ranked # 1 in Illinois? Interesting, but I am relieved it is something majestic and classic instead of something tryndee and non durable. I love Isabella, too bad its popular, but I would much rather see Isabella popular instead of Madison, Taylor or Nevaeh. I am very proud of my home state of Illinois :)

  2. I am surprised Allison ranked # 1 in DC. I would expect something more ahead of its time from DC-ers. Allison just feels very 1980s to me.

  3. I think the Wyatt-Wyoming connection is just precious. As for my state, Oklahoma, I’m bored but a bit relieved — it certainly could have been worse. It pained me to see names like Kaylee, Nevaeh and Rylee in the top 25 for us.

  4. Sebastiane, I was really surprised about Allison as well.

    Here are a few more interesting tidbits…

    Boy Names:
    Wyatt was not only #1 in Wyoming, but #2 in Montana and #5 in Idaho.
    Carter was #2 in Nebraska, #3 in Iowa and #4 in North Dakota.
    Hunter was #2 in West Virginia.
    Landon was #3 in Louisiana and #4 in Montana.
    Owen was #3 in Vermont and #4 in Maine.
    Liam was #3 in New Hampshire.
    Jack was #3 in North Dakota.
    Gavin was #3 in South Dakota.
    Jackson was #4 in Alabama and Missouri, #5 in South Dakota.

    Girl Names:
    Mia was #3 in New Mexico, Texas and Hawaii, #4 in California and Arizona.
    Alexis was #4 in West Virginia, #5 in South Dakota and Wyoming.
    Nevaeh was #4 in New Mexico.
    Brooklyn was #4 in Utah.
    Lily was #5 in Utah.
    Samantha was #5 in California.
    Anna was #5 in Alabama and Mississippi.

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