Are Babies Getting Dog Names?

My father grew up in the 1950s. When he was young, his family had three dogs: King, Jett and Baron.

A few weeks ago, the SSA announced the top baby names of 2009. It also published a nifty change in popularity page.

What two names were prominently featured on that page? King and Jett. They’d increased in popularity significantly from 2008 to 2009. (Baron didn’t make the list, but it did crack the top 1,000 for the first time in 2008.)

We already know that human names are being given to dogs. But the trendiness of King and Jett makes me wonder: are all those old dog names destined to be reincarnated as baby names?

Snowflake and Spot may not make the jump, but Ace, Bandit, Petal, Princess and Spike have been popping up on birth certificates lately. And I could see how other old-school dog names like Duchess, Shadow and Lucky might appeal to certain parents.

What do you think about dog names for babies — Fun? Crazy? Inevitable?

5 thoughts on “Are Babies Getting Dog Names?

  1. Well, as long as no one names their children after my dad’s old dogs… Snoopy and Fleas.

  2. My son went to school with a Duchess.

    I could see somebody naming their kid Rover. If you forget about the dog connection, it does have a certain rakish quality.

    Have you done a post on having your choice of kid named ruined by somebody in your circle giving the name to their dog?

  3. My first thought was, “What about Rover?” I think that may be the sign of the trend.

    @Tracy – My best friend is planning to name her daughter the same name as my parents’ dog. Both her mother and I mentioned this, but she likes the name anyway. My grandparents’ dog was Toby, which definitely took it off of my list of names.

  4. There are Rangers and Rivers. I bet it’s just a matter of time before we start seeing Rovers. (Especially if the dog association is slowly being eclipsed by the car association, as I think it could be.)

    @Tracy – I haven’t done a post specifically on that yet, but it’s a great idea–I’ll have to do one soon. (The only other dog-related post I’ve done recently was about the name Molly.)

    Slightly OT, but whatever: I recently read an article in which the writer said her sister was named Arwen and their family dog was named Aragorn. That…turned my stomach a little. Here’s the link: You Named Your Baby What?!

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