What Do You Think of Debrahlee Lorenzana’s Name?

Debrahlee Lorenzana claimed that Citibank fired her for being too sexy. That sexiness is not confined to her appearance, apparently. Here’s what people are saying about her name (boldface mine):

  • “Everything about Debrahlee Lorenzana is hot. Even her name sizzles.” (Village Voice)
  • “Debrahlee – which, I’m sorry, probably not helping matters here, but that is totally a stripper name – claims she complained about being sexually harassed by everyone with functioning eyesight, and that her employer’s response was to move her to another branch as retaliation for having the gall to speak up.” (LOLFed.com)
  • “Debrahalee [sic] Lorenzana – how’s that for a hot name? – is 33. She is a mother of one.” (Anorak)
  • “Have some sympathy for Debrahlee Lorenzana, who, despite her name, is not a stripper but in fact a former banker with Citigroup.” (Deceiver.com)
  • “Debrahlee Lorenzana (could her name be any hotter?) was hauled in by uptight managers at the bank’s branch in New York and told her office attire was distracting fellow employees.” (TimesLive.co.za)
  • “Her name is Debrahlee. That’s a stripper name, not a personal banker.” (NervousCircle.com)

Debrahlee is a rule-breaking, attention-grabbing name. A stripper name, according to some.

If Debrahlee had a more conservative name (e.g. Sara, Maria) do you think people would view her in a more favorable light? Why or why not?

One thought on “What Do You Think of Debrahlee Lorenzana’s Name?

  1. OK. If her name was Debra Lee and not Debrahlee, no one would be commenting, I suspect. Lorenzana is hard to work with, even Maria or Sara make it sound like a fictitious name. I think you need some hard consonants in there (Juliet, maybe?) to make it less note-worthy.

    Worse is the journalism on this. I hope she wins her arbitration.

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