Unique American Baby Names of 2009 (Girls’ Edition)

Here are some baby girl names that were given to at least five but no more than 99 babies in the United States last year. (I published the equivalent boys’ list a little while ago.)


  • Miangel (65) – Mi angel
  • Myangel (31) – My angel
  • Imunique (12) – I’m unique
  • Miamor (9) – Mi amor
  • Wesleigh (8) – Wesley, though it looks more like “we sleigh” to me.
  • Amunique (6) – Am unique
  • Mylove (6) – My love
  • Pennylane (5)


  • Seven (28)
  • Amillion (7)

The -ities

  • Vanity (52)
  • Divinity (45)
  • Verity (33)
  • Chastity (30)
  • Amity (27)
  • Unity (27)
  • Clarity (21)
  • Purity (17)
  • Infinity (14)
  • Reality (11)
  • Sincerity (8)
  • Prosperity (7)
  • Serendipity (5)

Very hush-hush

  • Whisper (20)
  • Secret (11)


  • Jasper (31)
  • Renesmee (17) and Renesme (5)
  • Carlisle (12)
  • Twilight (7)
  • Cullen (5)

And finally…

11 thoughts on “Unique American Baby Names of 2009 (Girls’ Edition)

  1. I agree, Julie.

    Speaking of Verity…the usage of Vanity kinda shocked me. I’m surprised so many parents are using it as a name. Makes me wonder how many of those babies were named with a vanity table in mind.

  2. Blechh. Although…I kind of like Miamor, though the spelling is less than pretty. Of course I’d nevereverevereverever use it. ;)

  3. 8 people named their daughters “Wesleigh”?! Any clue where this is coming from?

    Your volcano comment cracked me up.

  4. Yup, and there were also 27 baby girls with the standard spelling Wesley.

    I think it just happens to fit the mold — it’s a pleasant-sounding 2-syllable English surname with a -ley ending (e.g. Ashley, Riley, Marley). So it’s bound to be given to at least a few baby girls every year.

    The surname that surprised me most was Murphy. More than 20% of the babies named Murphy last year were girls (87 boys, 23 girls).

  5. During ob-gyn rotation in paramedic training, my son had to help an Indian couple with their new son’s birth certificate. My son was very concerned for this young boy’s American school days in that his family’s traditional male heir’s name was spelled: Shithead, pronounced: Shith-heed…..of course!

  6. Maya seems to be a very popular name at the moment….I agree Vanity is an odd name to want for your child!

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