Baby Boy Named After His 6 Possible Fathers

This baby name story is different from all the others I’ve posted. How? Well, it doesn’t include a baby name. But the story itself is so bizarre that the name doesn’t matter.

In 1980, an English “society beauty” in her 20s gave birth to a baby boy. She didn’t know who the baby’s father was exactly, but she’d narrowed it down to six men.

So she gave the baby six names, one from each of the potential fathers. That’s right–the baby’s name was a list of his mother’s sex partners, one of which might correspond to his biological father.

Wow. If this woman was going for a name that says “mommy gets around,” she nailed it. This has to be one of the worst name stories I’ve ever heard.


Source: “Society tot has six ‘dads’.” Montreal Gazette 22 Apr. 1980: 33.

3 thoughts on “Baby Boy Named After His 6 Possible Fathers

  1. I had a child in my first classroom named Michael Robinson, Jr., but on his paperwork for school, father was listed as “unknown.” I know there were probably good reasons for that, but then drop the jr, lady!

    I’d be curious how that kid turned out–he’s 30 now.

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