Volkswagen-Obsessed Man Gives Baby Initials VW

Chris Redford of Eastbourne is a Volkswagen junkie. He owns (and has only ever owned) VWs. He decorates his home with VW merchandise and memorabilia. He sports about 70 Volkswagen tattoos.

His daughter, born in 2008, is named Scarlet Victoria Willow. That’s right–middle initials V.W.

Given the extent of this man’s obsession, I’m surprised (but pleased!) that the VW-connection isn’t more overt.

I do think “Scarlet Redford” is a bit much, but that’s a different issue entirely.

Sources: Baby Named After Father’s Car (video), Redfords Eleven, Volkswagen fan Chris has beetles on his back

(Want to see other car names?)

One thought on “Volkswagen-Obsessed Man Gives Baby Initials VW

  1. Scarlet Redford – that’s funny.

    I have a friend who’s daughter has the first and middle initials V.D. I suspect she won’t use the D much.

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