The Baby Name LeBron – Not So Cool After All

I was just reading through the comments at the The All-LeBron Sound-off. I’m seeing disgust, outrage, devastation…these people are upset. (And they have good reason to be.)

Few babies were named LeBron before LeBron James signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003. Since then, hundreds of babies have been given the name:

  • 2003: 42 babies named LeBron
  • 2004: 96
  • 2005: 90
  • 2006: 99
  • 2007: 110
  • 2008: 83
  • 2009: 97

I wonder how all the parents who named their sons LeBron have been feeling about that decision over the past week.

P.S Here are a couple of related posts, starring Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods.

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