Will These Names Become Trendy in the UK?

Luke recently let me know that he has compiled lists of the most searched-for girl names and boy names at Baby Names UK for the first half of 2010. These were the top five names for each gender:

  • Girls: Florence, Lucie, Lacey, Esme, Elena
  • Boys: Ollie, Jenson, Eli, Jesse, Cole

Here’s some of Luke’s analysis (plus a few Wikipedia links, just for context):

Some of these fast risers definitely correspond with pop trends – Florence must be inspired by Florence and the Machine, right? Also, Ollie and Jenson will have been boosted by X Factor and Formula 1 respectively.

Some names popped up on both lists, which was very interesting. Darcy was on the boys’ list, Darcie and Darcey were on the girls’ list. (Mr. Darcy influence, perhaps?) Frankie ranked for girls, and both Frank and Frances ranked for boys.

Hop on over and check out the lists (and Luke’s other posts). Which of the names do you like best?

One thought on “Will These Names Become Trendy in the UK?

  1. I love Florence and Lucie, and wouldn’t mind to see a couple more Elis and Ollies in the world!

    I just looked up my name on on Baby Names UK (both forms- nickname and fullname) and both of them are wayyyyy higher on the list than they are in the United States. Libby’s all the way up there at 62nd!

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