Can Wiki Be a Girl Name?

This question has been bringing traffic to my blog lately. People seem to be interested in using the Hawaiian word wiki, which means “quick,” as a baby girl name.

Can they use wiki as a girl name? Well, sure they can. If they live in a place that doesn’t have strict laws about baby names. In the U.S., for instance, they can name their baby girl Audrey, Abcde, Brenda, Bandit, Charity, Cheesette, or just about anything else they want.

Should they use it as a girl name, though? Should wiki be used as a baby name at all? I think these questions are a bit more thought-provoking. Let’s try a poll:

Should wiki be used as a baby name?

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3 thoughts on “Can Wiki Be a Girl Name?

  1. I’m all for unusual names, but Wiki just seems like, I don’t know, Velveeta or Chevrolet. Appealing sound, but not something that wears well on a person.

    But if Nikki and Ricky can be names, I suppose Wiki isn’t impossible.

  2. If it was just a Hawaiian word, I would have voted yes. However, since it’s become a verb, at least in my age group, as slang for checking wikipedia, I think it’s a super super bad idea.

  3. Why not? Seems I’m in the minority, but I’d say it’s fine! Yes, of course there will be instances where someone calls her Wikipedia. It almost has to happen, like the stars fortold it- but who knows? Maybe she’ll be the popular smart girl who everyone calls Wikipedia because her brain is like a library of information! ‘sides, she could always escape to the nickname Kiki.

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