Do You Have Any Baby Name Regrets?

A recent study of 3,000 British parents revealed that one out of every five regretted the name they’d chosen for their baby. Reasons included:

  • The name was too hard for people to spell.
  • The name was too hard for people to to pronounce.
  • The novelty of the name had worn off.
  • Too many other kids had the same name.

Do you have any baby name regrets? (If so, please leave a comment telling us what the name is and why you regret it.)

Do you regret the names of any of your children?

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4 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Baby Name Regrets?

  1. We used family names, so they were non-negotiable and, because they honor people we love, it is easy to love the names.

    That said, I do wish we’d thought longer about our son’s middle name AND I wish we’d realized that we need to choose a nickname for him immediately. He’s Alexander, and while I rarely call him Alex – to me he’s Alexei or Aly – as soon as he went to nursery school he was Alex.

    The interesting thing about that poll is that the types of regret suggest that parents who choose unusual names might regret it – but also suggest that parents are disappointed to discover their name isn’t unusual.

  2. I found that really interesting too–that so many parents had regrets related to how unusual their kids’ names were. The names were either too unusual or not unusual enough.

  3. I kinda have regrets. I love my daugher’s full name but we’re calling her by her MN. My daughter’s FN is a cherished family name that works well with our hard-to-match LN. But we both kinda thought that it was a big name for a baby, that we should be using one of its many possible nicknames, for now, but couldn’t agree on one. Meanwhile, my husband fell in love with her MN, which I do also love, so I was persuaded that we should call her by her MN. Now I regret forsaking the FN. So much, that if we have another girl, I would actually consider reusing the family name (maybe in middle position) and calling her by it. Crazy?

  4. I have the opposite, actually. I have a “whew, I narrowly escaped” thing with my older daughter. She has a popular name, but has never yet been in class with another Sophia so it’s ok for now. But she was almost Emma. There are 2 Emmas in her class and we know 4 others.

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