The Strongest Boy Names in the Top 20


You’d think the top 20 boy names in the nation would be strongly masculine names, wouldn’t you? That they’d be used almost entirely by boys, right?

That’s the case with most of them, but not with all of them.

Below, on the left, are the top 20 baby boy names in the U.S. On the right, I’ve re-ordered the names according to relative masculinity (strongest to weakest).

Top 20 – Usage Top 20 – Masculinity
  1. Jacob
  2. Ethan
  3. Michael
  4. Alexander
  5. William
  6. Joshua
  7. Daniel
  8. Jayden
  9. Noah
  10. Anthony
  11. Christopher
  12. Aiden
  13. Matthew
  14. David
  15. Andrew
  16. Joseph
  17. Logan
  18. James
  19. Ryan
  20. Benjamin
  1. Benjamin
  2. William
  3. David
  4. Matthew
  5. Ethan
  6. Jacob
  7. Andrew
  8. Joseph
  9. Christopher
  10. Joshua
  11. Anthony
  12. Alexander
  13. Michael
  14. Daniel
  15. James
  16. Noah
  17. Aiden
  18. Ryan
  19. Logan
  20. Jayden

Masculinity was determined by dividing the number of boys with each name by the total number of babies (male + female) with each name, then multiplying by 100 to come up with a percentage.

The percentages are all very high (99+) until you get down to Ryan, Logan and Jayden:

Ryan 12,986 boys 13,502 total 96.2%
Logan 14,331 boys 15,013 total 95.5%
Jayden 17,082 boys 18,820 total 90.8%

And this analysis doesn’t account for alternative spellings. If I’d considered variants like Noa, Aidan and Jadan, some percentages would have been even lower.

All 20 of these names are still boy names–I’m not claiming that any of them are girl names–but several might be mistaken for girl names once in a while. So if you’re expecting a boy and you’re aiming for an unambiguously male name, be wary of Noah, Ryan, Logan, Aiden and Jayden. (And all the other -ayden names, just to be on the safe side.)

4 thoughts on “The Strongest Boy Names in the Top 20

  1. Some of these names are not very masculine at all… Jayden?! Aiden?! and Ethan?! Daniel sounds sort of feminine too me too.

    To this day the strongest sounding name I have encountered was a firefighter on a ship I was stationed on named: Titan Steel Brockop

  2. I guess the story of Daniel in the lions den doesnt sound too tough lol. How is Logan not a badass name… Ever hear of Wolverine? Besides u can shorten Daniel To Dan and that’s masculine sounding. Its really all a matter of opinion I guess.

  3. The name Charles and Daniel sound un masculine to me but I belive your name matters not its what you do in life that will echo in eternity if you feel you must name your boy after such great men then name your boy Jesus

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