Baby Named After Hurricane Andrew

hurricaneMost of the hurricane-inspired baby names I know of (e.g. Alicia, Gloria, Hazel) were given to girls. So I had to end the series with a boy. :)

Hurricane Andrew hit Florida on 24 August 1992. It ended up demolishing Homestead Air Force Base.

Luckily, Kevin Hicks–who had been stationed at Homestead–was off the base by that point. Kevin, his pregnant wife Heidi, and their daughter Emily had driven 5 hours north to Leesburg to avoid the storm.

But on the day the hurricane hit Homestead, Heidi went into labor (4 days early). She gave birth to a baby boy at Leesburg Regional Medical Center that night.

The baby was named Jacob Andrew.

Source: Bond, Bill. “Hurricane Shoots Down Visiting Air Force Family.” Orlando Sentinel 27 Aug. 1992: 1.

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