Twins Named Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Twins Hiroshima Kindelan (girl) and Nagasaki Kindelan (boy) were born in Cuba in 1978. Several years later they moved to the U.S. and settled in the Miami area.

The names were chosen by their father. During the pregnancy, he thought of the twins as “booming” inside his wife “like two bombs.” Hence the names Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Source: “Aspiring Actress Has Eyes on the Crown.” Miami Herald 4 Mar. 2001.

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  1. Another set of inappropriate twin names: Blitz and Krieg.

    Colonel Alqueza, whose father admired Hitler and whose twin brothers are named Blitz and Krieg, was also a mutineer in his time, joining the July 1986 takeover of the Manila Hotel, during which a rebel government, albeit short-lived, was announced.

    Blitzkrieg is German for “lightning war.”

    Source: Mydans, Seth. “Renegade Officer Seeks Philippine Governorship.” NYT, 18 Jan. 1988.

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