Chinese Baby Named After Saddam and SARS

A baby boy born in Wuhan, China, on 20 March 2003 was named Saddam Deng Sars. He was born on the day the Iraq war broke out, hence Saddam, and around the time SARS was spreading across China. Deng is the family name.

At the time of the news reports, the parents were considering using an alternative name for the official records because weren’t sure whether the Chinese government would accept the name Saddam Deng Sars. (I haven’t seen any updates to this story, so I’m not sure what the outcome was.)

And now your mission, should you decide to accept it: look up what was going on in the world around the time you were born. Re-name yourself according to one of the headlines and leave a comment with your new name. (The year-by-year Wikipedia pages should be helpful. Here’s 1950, for example.)

Sources: Chinese couple name their baby son Saddam SARS, Baby Boy Named After Saddam And SARS

8 thoughts on “Chinese Baby Named After Saddam and SARS

  1. This is harder than it seems. Especially if you want to come up with a “nice” name for a girl born in the year the Vietnam War ended and while the Watergate scandal was playing out. Or maybe in honour of the several African nations that achieved independence: Liberty. But that seems like cheating because I’m sure Liberty could be used for some headline in ANY year. Hmmm. I’ll go with

    Lucy Carla.

    commemorating “A skeleton from the hominid species Australopithecus afarensis is discovered and named Lucy.” and the coronation of Juan Carlos. My parents were into Science and Politics. Although, in truth, they wouldn’t have been celebrating Carlos’s coronation so much as Franco’s death.

  2. Not much was going on when I was born. Some Greek bad guys were exiled to the island of Kea, though, so I could go with Kea; and a month before, Britain launched Ceefax. So I could have been Kea Ceefax.

  3. I was born the month Pope Paul VI passed away and Pope John Paul I was elected, so Paula would be a good first name. And there was a tropical storm named Bess that month as well, so I’ll go with Paula Bess.

  4. Elie Wiesel won the Nobel Peace Prize that year, so first name would be Elie (although I’m female, I love the name) and the Challenger disaster was 5 days after I was born. Elie Challenger would be my name.

  5. Sarin Takaji seems nice, I think. After the sarin gas attack on 5 subway lines in Tokyo the day I was born, by a religious cult, and Takaji, the chief of the National Police Agency of Japan, who a police officer attempted to assassinate ten days later.

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