Is “Cole Sellar” a Cruel Baby Name?

Scottish couple Ian Sellar and Francesca Sammut welcomed a baby boy earlier this year. What did they name him? Cole Sellar, pronounced just like “coal cellar.”

A family member had suggested the name as a joke…and it ended up sticking.

According to Francesca, older people (who are familiar with coal cellars) have made comments about the name, but younger people (who aren’t) have not. “Cole’s generation won’t pick up on the connection,” she claims.

What’s your opinion of the name Cole Sellar — bad idea? No big deal?

Source: Meet the Scots baby named Cole Sellar by his mum and dad – despite protests from family

One thought on “Is “Cole Sellar” a Cruel Baby Name?

  1. Cole is such a common name that it doesn’t seem so bad. But I do think he’ll encounter raised eyebrows his entire life.

    Even if I’ve never relied on a coal cellar to heat my home, I’ve read books and seen television shows where there is such a thing as a coal cellar. The fact might go unnoticed if his name were Blake, but since it is Cole … well, I think he might not be so pleased.

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