Surprise Baby Named for Nurse

In the summer of 2001, Sophie Proust of France came to the U.S. to visit Walt Disney World and other parts of Florida. Sophie didn’t know she was pregnant, so when she suddenly gave birth to a baby girl in the restroom of a tour bus on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, she was more than a bit surprised. Mother and baby (maman et bébé?) were transported via ambulance to Manatee Memorial Hospital, and the baby was named Karen after Manatee Memorial nurse Karen Kolega.

Source: Baby born on bus is surprise to mother

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  1. I have a friend who’s a twin. He was born back in the 60’s, and his mother had no clue she was having twins; her doctor kept telling her she was having a big baby. First baby comes out, they name him Daniel and marvel over how tiny he is compared to her belly. Then out comes a second boy! They all kind of stared at each other, no clue what to name him, until a nurse piped up, “How about Brian?” and so he is.

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