Baby Name Battle – Adele vs. Odette

baby name battle, adele vs. odette

If you were having a daughter, and you had to name her either Adele or Odette, which would it be?

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9 thoughts on “Baby Name Battle – Adele vs. Odette

  1. Hmm, tough one, as I don’t care for either name. Adele is very bland, but Odette has the unfortunate Od- beginning which brings unpleasant words like odious and odor to mind. The -ette ending still feels dated, too. I went with Adele.

  2. I like them both, but my ex-husband and I had picked out Adele for our “future” daughter. Now that I’m married to someone else, all of the Addie names feel used.

    I’m guessing that in a few months, after Black Swan opens, Odette will probably feel charming and old-fashioned… rather than dated.

  3. I love Adele! Odette reminds me of swans (not sure why).

    I love most of the Adele type names; Ada, Adela, Adelaide, etc.

  4. I think the main thing that put me off Odette is that I had the feeling that it was tied to one particular cultural reference, and I couldn’t remember what that reference was.

  5. For Kels and S. if you were serious, it’s the name of the princess/swan in Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan Lake”.

  6. Usage of Odette is up:

    2011: 48 baby girls named Odette
    2010: 19 baby girls named Odette
    2009: 32 baby girls named Odette
    2008: 39 baby girls named Odette

    Was it thanks to Black Swan, do you think?

    (The highest # Odette has ever reached is 51 baby girls in 1962.)

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