Baby Name Battle – Mildred vs. Melania

10 Responses to Baby Name Battle – Mildred vs. Melania

  1. Melania all the way. Mildred ends with the syllable /dread/

  2. Melania sounds like a disease to me.

  3. Mildred is going to get creamed, and I did vote for Melania, but I have some love for Mildred. If you think of it more like mild + red instead of mild (ew) + dred it’s kind of sweet.

  4. I really like the nickname Millie and I had two great-aunt Mildred’s so I pick it over Melania (which reminds me of a melanoma.)

  5. * Mildreds not Mildred’s
    damn typos

  6. Have to go with Mildred. Just don’t care for Melania (at all). I also love the nickname Millie.

  7. I chose Mildred. Melania is unfamiliar to me and it kind of reminds me of skin pigment. Plus, I know a nice lady named Mildred.

  8. I don’t love either, but Mildred is my great-aunt’s name. Plus, I tend to lean towards less frilly names. Melania looks made up instead of frumpy. And Mildred offers up the nicknames Millie and Red.

  9. I don’t really like either:

    Melania ~ Melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer
    Mildred ~ ends with the sound of dread. Talk about a downer

    I ended up voting for Melania because two possible nicknames (Mel & Lana) are more appealing than the nicknames Mildred offers.

  10. I’d have a son!

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